TIP #1: TIP Index

Title:TIP Index
Version:$Revision: 1.6 $
Author:TIP Editor <donal dot fellows at cs dot man dot ac dot uk>
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Created:Thursday, 14 September 2000


This TIP contains the index of all TIPs published over the lifetime of the TCT. It will be continually and automatically updated.


Series ID Type State Title

TIP #406 Project (8.6) Draft "C" is for Cookie
TIP #420 Project (8.7) Draft 'vexpr', a Vector Expression Command
TIP #72 Project (8.4) Final 64-Bit Value Support for Tcl on 32-Bit Platforms
TIP #81 Process Withdrawn [incr Tcl] Functional Areas for Maintainer Assignments
TIP #178 Project (8.7) Draft [info pid] and [info tid] Subcommands
TIP #449 Project (8.7) Final [text] undo/redo to Return Range of Characters
TIP #429 Project (8.6.2) Final A 'string' Subcommand for Concatenation
TIP #163 Project (8.5) Final A [dict merge] Subcommand
TIP #343 Project (8.6) Final A Binary Specifier for [format/scan]
TIP #469 Project (8.7) Draft A Callback for Channel-Exception Conditions
TIP #421 Project (8.7) Draft A Command for Iterating Over Arrays
TIP #367 Project (8.7) Draft A Command to Remove Elements from a List
TIP #265 Project (8.6) Final A Convenient C-side Command Option Parser for Tcl
TIP #390 Project (8.7) Draft A Logging API for Tcl
TIP #419 Project (8.7) Draft A New Command for Binding to Tk Events
TIP #70 Project (8.5) Withdrawn A Relational Switch Control Structure
TIP #304 Project (8.6) Final A Standalone [chan pipe] Primitive for Advanced Child IPC
TIP #324 Project (8.6) Final A Standard Dialog For Font Selection
TIP #213 Project (8.6) Withdrawn A Standard Dialog for Font Selection
TIP #195 Project (8.6) Final A Unique Prefix Handling Command
TIP #165 Project (8.5) Final A User-Data Field for Virtual Events
TIP #128 Project (8.6) Rejected Ability to Install a Custom Memory Allocator
TIP #236 Project (8.6) Final Absolute Positioning of Canvas Items
TIP #14 Project (8.4.0) Final Access to Tk Photo Image Transparency
TIP #452 Project (8.6) Draft Add "stubs" Package to or Along Side of TclTest
TIP #444 Project (8.7) Final Add "weekdays" unit in clock add
TIP #433 Project (8.6.4) Final Add %M binding substitution
TIP #99 Project (8.4) Final Add 'file link' to Tcl
TIP #201 Project (8.5) Final Add 'in' Operator to [expr]
TIP #33 Project (8.4) Final Add 'lset' Command to Assign to List Elements.
TIP #255 Project (8.5) Final Add 'min' and 'max' [expr] Functions
TIP #269 Project (8.5) Final Add 'string is list' to the 'string is' Subcommand
TIP #188 Project (8.5) Final Add 'string is wideinteger' to the 'string is' Subcommand
TIP #431 Project (8.6.4) Draft Add 'tempdir' Subcommand to 'file'
TIP #210 Project (8.6) Final Add 'tempfile' Subcommand to 'file'
TIP #286 Project (8.5) Final Add 'xposition' Command to Menu Widgets
TIP #414 Project (8.7) Draft Add (back) Tcl_InitSubsystems as Public API
TIP #393 Project (8.7) Draft Add -command Option to lsearch
TIP #63 Project (8.4) Final Add -compound Option to Menu Entries
TIP #179 Project (8.5) Final Add -hide Option to panedwindow Widget
TIP #441 Project (8.6.5) Final Add -justify Configuration Option to the listbox Widget
TIP #82 Project (8.4) Final Add -offrelief Option to Checkbutton and Radiobutton
TIP #177 Project (8.5) Final Add -stretch Option to panedwindow Widget
TIP #326 Project (8.6) Final Add -stride Option to lsort
TIP #202 Project (8.5) Final Add 2>@1 Special Case to [open] and [exec]
TIP #450 Project (8.7) Draft Add [binary] subcommand "set" for in-place modification
TIP #418 Project (8.7) Draft Add [binary] Subcommands for In-Place Modification
TIP #209 Project (8.5) Final Add [clock milliseconds], and [clock microseconds]
TIP #182 Project (8.5) Final Add [expr bool] Math Function
TIP #471 Project (8.7) Draft Add [info linkedname] Introspection Command
TIP #96 Project (8.4) Final Add [tk caret] Command and Tk_SetCaretPos API
TIP #222 Project (8.5) Final Add [wm attributes -alpha] Attribute on Windows
TIP #95 Project (8.4) Final Add [wm attributes] Command
TIP #208 Project (8.5) Final Add a 'chan' Command
TIP #207 Project (8.5) Final Add a -namespace Option to [interp invokehidden]
TIP #181 Project (8.5) Final Add a [namespace unknown] Command
TIP #321 Project (8.6) Final Add a [tk busy] Command
TIP #183 Project (8.5) Final Add a Binary Flag to [open]
TIP #379 Project (8.7) Draft Add a Command for Delivering Events Without Tk
TIP #287 Project (8.5) Final Add a Commands for Determining Size of Buffered Data
TIP #180 Project (8.7) Draft Add a Megawidget Support Core Package
TIP #167 Project (8.7) Draft Add a New Option for Context Help for Windows
TIP #310 Project (8.6) Rejected Add a New Pseudo-Random Number Generator
TIP #19 Project (8.4a2) Final Add a Text Changed Flag to Tk's Text Widget
TIP #110 Project (8.5) Final Add a Tristate Mode to the Checkbutton and Radiobutton
TIP #175 Project (9.0) Withdrawn Add an -async Option to [open]
TIP #127 Project (8.5) Final Add an -index Option to [lsearch]
TIP #206 Project (8.5) Rejected Add an [ftruncate] Command
TIP #430 Project (8.6.3) Draft Add basic ZIP archive support to Tcl
TIP #20 Project (8.5) Deferred Add C Locale-Exact CType Functions
TIP #405 Project (8.6) Final Add Collecting Loops, the 'lmap' and 'dict map' Commands
TIP #84 Project (8.4) Final Add control for mouse movement filtering
TIP #79 Project (8.4) Final Add Deletion Callback to Tcl_CreateObjTrace
TIP #106 Project (8.6) Final Add Encoding Abilities to the [dde] Command
TIP #440 Project (8.5) Final Add engine to tcl_platform Array
TIP #384 Project (8.7) Draft Add File Alteration Monitoring to the Tcl Core
TIP #211 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Add Full Stack Trace Capability
TIP #280 Project (8.5) Final Add Full Stack Trace Capability With Location Introspection
TIP #264 Project (8.5) Final Add Function to Retrieve the Interpreter of a Window
TIP #299 Project (8.5) Final Add isqrt() Math Function
TIP #18 Project (8.4) Final Add Labels to Frames
TIP #94 Project (8.4) Final Add Listbox -activestyle Option
TIP #312 Project (8.7) Draft Add More Link Types
TIP #154 Project (8.7) Draft Add Named Colors to Tk
TIP #252 Project (8.6) Rejected Add New 'string' Command Options
TIP #224 Project (8.7) Draft Add New [array] Subcommands 'incr' and 'value'
TIP #462 Project (8.7) Draft Add New [info ps] Ensemble for Subprocess Management
TIP #214 Project (8.7) Withdrawn Add New Object Introspection Command
TIP #42 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Add New Standard Tk Option: -clientdata
TIP #39 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Add New Standard Tk Option: -component
TIP #146 Project (8.5) Final Add Overall Anchoring to the Grid Geometry Manager
TIP #315 Project (8.6) Final Add pathSeparator to tcl_platform Array
TIP #169 Project (8.5) Final Add Peer Text Widgets
TIP #105 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Add Prefix Matching for Switch
TIP #365 Project (8.6) Draft Add Python Compatibility Mode
TIP #164 Project (8.7) Draft Add Rotate Subcommand to the Canvas Widget
TIP #351 Project (8.7) Draft Add Striding Support to lsearch
TIP #176 Project (8.5) Final Add String Index Values
TIP #472 Project (8.7) Accepted Add Support for 0d Radix Prefix to Integer Literals
TIP #62 Project (8.4) Final Add Support for Command Tracing
TIP #38 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Add Support for Default Bindtags
TIP #458 Project (8.7) Final Add Support for epoll() and kqueue() in the Notifier
TIP #457 Project (8.7) Draft Add Support for Named Arguments
TIP #100 Project (8.5) Final Add Support for Unloading Dynamic Libraries Loaded with [load]
TIP #234 Project (8.6) Final Add Support For Zlib Compression
TIP #273 Project (8.5) Rejected Add Tcl_Expr... Support to Tcl_Get... Functions
TIP #32 Project (8.4a4) Final Add Tcl_Obj-enabled counterpart to Tcl_CreateTrace
TIP #291 Project (8.5) Final Add the 'platform' Package to Tcl
TIP #260 Project (8.5) Final Add Underline Option to Canvas Text Items
TIP #8 Project (8.4.0) Final Add Winico support to the wm command on windows
TIP #123 Project (8.5) Final Adding an Exponentiation Operator to the [expr] Command
TIP #279 Project (8.7) Draft Adding an Extensible Object System to the Core
TIP #98 Project (8.4) Final Adding Transparency Compositing Rules to Photo Images
TIP #53 Project (8.4) Withdrawn Addition of 'assert' Command
TIP #80 Project (8.4) Final Additional Options for 'lsearch'
TIP #347 Project (8.7) Withdrawn Align 'string is ...' to Type-Conversion Functions in 'expr'
TIP #288 Project (8.7) Draft Allow "args" Anywhere in Procedure Formal Arguments
TIP #149 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Allow "enabled" as Synonym for "normal" in -state Option
TIP #267 Project (8.5) Final Allow 'exec' to Ignore Stderr
TIP #331 Project (8.6) Final Allow [lset] to Extend Lists
TIP #473 Project (8.6.7) Final Allow a Defined Target Namespace in oo::copy
TIP #408 Project (8.7) Draft Allow Any Command for expr Functions
TIP #29 Project (9.0) Rejected Allow array syntax for Tcl lists
TIP #221 Project (8.5) Final Allow Background Error Handlers to Accept Return Options
TIP #392 Project (8.5) Draft Allow Bignums to be Disabled at Runtime on a Per-Interp Basis
TIP #67 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Allow Subclassing of tk_getOpenFile, tk_getSaveFile on UNIX
TIP #87 Project (8.4) Final Allow Tcl Access to the Recursion Limit
TIP #292 Project (8.7) Draft Allow Unquoted Strings in Expressions
TIP #460 Project (9.0) Draft An Alternative to Upvar
TIP #335 Project (8.6) Final An API for Detecting Active Interpreters
TIP #240 Project (8.7) Draft An Ensemble Command to Manage Processes
TIP #143 Project (8.5) Final An Interpreter Resource Limiting Framework
TIP #119 Project (8.6) Final Angled Text on a Canvas
TIP #305 Project (8.5) Withdrawn ANSI Escape Sequence Support for Windows's Console Channel Driver
TIP #237 Project (8.5) Final Arbitrary-Precision Integers for Tcl
TIP #103 Project (8.5) Rejected Argument Expansion Command
TIP #144 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Argument Expansion Syntax
TIP #293 Project (8.5) Final Argument Expansion with Leading {*}
TIP #157 Project (8.5) Final Argument Expansion with Leading {expand}
TIP #225 Project (8.7) Draft Arithmetic Series with Optimized Space Complexity
TIP #21 Project (8.4) Final Asymmetric Padding in the Pack and Grid Geometry Managers
TIP #83 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Augment Tcl_EvalFile with Tcl_EvalChannel and Tcl_EvalUrl
TIP #306 Project (8.6) Rejected Auto-Naming Widgets
TIP #454 Project (8.6.6) Draft Automatically Resize Frames After Last Child Removed
TIP #184 Project (8.5) Final Avoid Creating Unusable Variables
TIP #262 Project (8.7) Draft Background Images for Frames
TIP #91 Project (8.4) Final Backward Compatibility for Channel Types with 32-bit SeekProcs
TIP #170 Project (8.7) Draft Better Support for Nested Lists
TIP #344 Project (8.7) Draft Bring TCP_NODELAY and SO_KEEPALIVE to socket options
TIP #50 Informative Final Bundle [incr Tcl] with the Core Tcl distribution
TIP #376 Project (8.6) Final Bundle sqlite3 and tdbc::sqlite3 Packages
TIP #381 Project (8.6) Final Call Chain Introspection and Control
TIP #339 Project (8.6) Rejected Case-Insensitive Package Names
TIP #241 Project (8.5) Final Case-Insensitive Switches and List Searching and Sorting
TIP #135 Project (8.5) Final Change 'dde servername -exact' Option to -force
TIP #102 Project (8.4) Final Change [trace list] to [trace info]
TIP #171 Project (8.6) Final Change Default <MouseWheel> Bindings Behavior
TIP #161 Project (9.0) Draft Change Default for Menu's -tearoff Option to False
TIP #465 Project (8.7) Draft Change Rule 8 of the Dodekalogue to Cut Some Corner Cases
TIP #463 Project (8.7) Final Command-Driven Substitutions for regsub
TIP #401 Project (8.7) Draft Comment Words with Leading {#}
TIP #46 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Consistent Overlap Behavior of Area-Defining Canvas Items
TIP #253 Project (8.7) Draft Consolidate Package-Related Commands
TIP #340 Project (8.7) Withdrawn Const Qualification of Tcl_SetResult's Argument
TIP #27 Project (8.4) Final CONST Qualification on Pointers in Tcl API's
TIP #121 Project (8.5) Final Controlled Application Shutdown via Tcl_Exit
TIP #125 Project (8.5) Final Converting between Frame and Toplevel Windows
TIP #328 Project (8.6) Final Coroutines
TIP #148 Project (8.5) Final Correct [list]-Quoting of the '#' Character
TIP #277 Project (8.7) Draft Create Namespaces as Needed
TIP #203 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Create tclConfig.sh-Equivalent in Tcl
TIP #232 Project (8.5) Final Creating New Math Functions for the 'expr' Command
TIP #168 Project (8.5) Final Cubic Bezier Curves on the Canvas
TIP #85 Project (8.4) Final Custom Comparisons in Tcltest
TIP #31 Informative Draft CVS tags in the Tcl and Tk repositories
TIP #426 Project (8.7) Draft Determining the "Type" of Commands
TIP #342 Project (8.7) Draft Dict Get With Default
TIP #111 Project (8.5) Final Dictionary Values and Manipulators
TIP #245 Project (8.5) Final Discover User Inactivity Time
TIP #442 Project (8.7) Final Display text in progressbars
TIP #158 Project (8.5) Final Distinguish the two 'Enter' keys on Windows
TIP #323 Project (8.6) Final Do Nothing Gracefully
TIP #40 Project (8.0) Withdrawn Documentation Generator for Tcl Scripts
TIP #422 Project (9.0) Draft Don't Use stdarg.h/va_list in Public API
TIP #10000 Informative Draft Dummy Proposal for Testing Editing Interfaces
TIP #399 Project (8.6) Accepted Dynamic Locale Changing for msgcat
TIP #412 Project (8.6) Final Dynamic Locale Changing for msgcat with On-Demand File Load
TIP #68 Project (8.4) Final Dynamic Trace Result Handling
TIP #250 Project (8.5) Final Efficient Access to Namespace Variables
TIP #330 Project (8.6) Final Eliminate interp->result from the Public Headers
TIP #114 Project (9.0) Draft Eliminate Octal Parsing of Leading Zero Integer Strings
TIP #59 Project (8.5) Final Embed Build Information in Tcl Binary Library
TIP #338 Project (8.6) Final Embedder Access to Startup Scripts of *_Main()
TIP #45 Project (8.4b1) Final Empty index lists for [lindex] and [lset]
TIP #90 Project (8.5) Final Enable [return -code] in Control Structure Procs
TIP #415 Project (8.7) Draft Enable Easy Creation of Circular Arc Segments
TIP #303 Project (8.7) Draft Enhance 'llength' Command to Support Nested Lists
TIP #268 Project (8.5) Final Enhance 'package' Version Handling
TIP #118 Project (8.5) Final Enhance [file attributes] and [file copy] on Mac OS X & BSD
TIP #295 Project (8.7) Draft Enhance Arguments to lrange
TIP #251 Project (8.6) Rejected Enhance the 'list' Command
TIP #239 Project (8.7) Draft Enhance the 'load' Command
TIP #65 Project (8.5) Rejected Enhanced [info args]
TIP #282 Project (8.7) Draft Enhanced Expression Syntax
TIP #258 Project (8.5) Final Enhanced Interface for Encodings
TIP #35 Project (8.4) Final Enhanced Support for Serial Communications
TIP #296 Project (8.7) Draft Enhanced Syntax for Pair-Wise Indices
TIP #145 Project (8.5) Final Enhanced Tk Font Handling
TIP #26 Project (8.4) Final Enhancements for the Tk Text Widget
TIP #153 Project (8.5) Final Enhancing the [winfo toplevel] Command
TIP #112 Project (8.5) Final Ensembles are Namespaces are Commands
TIP #314 Project (8.6) Final Ensembles with Parameters
TIP #438 Project (8.6.5) Final Ensure Line Metrics are Up-to-Date
TIP #346 Project (8.7) Draft Error on Failed String Encodings
TIP #220 Project (8.7) Draft Escalate Privileges in VFS Close Callback
TIP #300 Project (8.5) Final Examine Glyph Substitution in the 'font actual' Command
TIP #447 Project (8.7) Final Execution Time Verbosity Levels in tcltest::configure
TIP #73 Project (8.4) Final Export Tcl_GetTime in the Public API
TIP #357 Project (8.6) Final Export TclLoadFile
TIP #101 Project (8.4) Final Export Tcltest Configuration
TIP #309 Project (8.7) Draft Expose the Expression Parsing
TIP #186 Project (8.7) Draft Expose the Type and Modified-State of Widget Options
TIP #235 Project (8.5) Final Exposing a C API for Ensembles
TIP #58 Project (8.5) Rejected Extend [set] to Assign Multiple Values to Multiple Variables
TIP #317 Project (8.6) Final Extend binary Ensemble with Binary Encodings
TIP #318 Project (8.6) Final Extend Default Whitespace in 'string trim' Beyond ASCII
TIP #88 Project (8.4) Rejected Extend Tcl Process Id Control via 'pid'
TIP #456 Project (8.7) Final Extend the C API to Support Passing Options to TCP Server Creation
TIP #370 Project (8.7) Draft Extend Tk's selection with a -time option
TIP #359 Project (8.6) Final Extended Window Manager Hint Support
TIP #133 Project (8.7) Draft Extending [expr] Operators
TIP #159 Project (8.5) Final Extending Tk 'wm' Command to Support Coloured Icons
TIP #388 Project (8.6) Final Extending Unicode literals past the BMP
TIP #397 Project (8.6) Final Extensible Object Copying
TIP #455 Project (8.7) Draft Extensions to [vwait]: Variable Sets and Scripted Access to Tcl_DoOneEvent
TIP #60 Project (8.6) Rejected EXTERN Macro Change to Support a Wider Set of Attributes
TIP #238 Project (8.7) Draft Fire Event when Widget Created
TIP #302 Project (8.7) Draft Fix "after"'s Sensitivity To Adjustments Of System Clock
TIP #155 Project (8.5) Final Fix Some of the Text Widget's Limitations
TIP #107 Project (8.4) Final Fix the 2-second "raise delay" in Tk
TIP #278 Project (9.0) Draft Fix Variable Name Resolution Quirks
TIP #378 Project (8.6) Final Fixing the Performance of TIP 280
TIP #423 Project (8.7) Draft Formatting Timestamps with Milliseconds
TIP #389 Project (8.7) Draft Full support for Unicode 8.0 and later
TIP #223 Project (8.5) Final Full-Screen Toplevel Support for Tk
TIP #385 Project (9.0) Draft Functional Traces On Variables
TIP #15 Project (8.4.0) Final Functions to List and Detail Math Functions
TIP #402 Project (8.7) Draft General Platform UNC Support
TIP #104 Project (8.4) Final Generalization of the Tk Undo Subsystem
TIP #93 Project (8.4) Final Get/Delete Enhancement for the Tk Text Widget
TIP #217 Project (8.5) Final Getting Sorted Indices out of Lsort
TIP #332 Project (8.6) Final Half-Close for Bidirectional Channels
TIP #216 Project (8.7) Draft Handling Command-Line Options in Tclsh and Wish
TIP #52 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Hierarchical Namespace Lookup of Commands and Variables
TIP #124 Project (8.5) Final High-Resolution Absolute Time Values From [clock]
TIP #28 Informative Draft How to be a good maintainer for Tcl/Tk
TIP #43 Informative Draft How to be a TIP Editor
TIP #49 Project (8.4) Final I/O Subsystem: Add API Tcl_OutputBuffered(chan)
TIP #198 Project (8.7) Draft Image Command XPM Extension
TIP #319 Project (8.7) Draft Implement Backwards Compatibility for ttk Themed Widgets in tk Widgets
TIP #256 Project (8.5) Final Implement Tabular and Wordprocessor Style Tabbing
TIP #150 Project (8.5) Deferred Implement the Tk send Command for Windows
TIP #190 Informative Draft Implementation Choices for Tcl Modules
TIP #436 Project (8.6.5) Final Improve TclOO isa Introspection
TIP #172 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Improve UNIX Tk Look and Feel
TIP #411 Project (8.7) Draft Improved Channel Introspection via "chan info"
TIP #86 Project (8.7) Draft Improved Debugger Support
TIP #320 Project (8.6) Final Improved Variable Handling in the Core Object System
TIP #373 Project (8.6) Withdrawn Improved Yielding Support for Coroutines
TIP #371 Project (8.7) Draft Improvements for the dict command
TIP #69 Project (9.0) Draft Improvements for the Tcl Hash Table
TIP #281 Project (8.7) Draft Improvements in System Error Handling
TIP #160 Project (8.7) Draft Improvements to Terminal and Serial Channel Handling
TIP #64 Project (8.4) Deferred Improvements to Windows Font Handling
TIP #424 Project (8.7) Draft Improving [exec]
TIP #6 Project (8.4.0) Rejected Include [Incr Tcl] in the Core Tcl distribution
TIP #7 Project (8.4) Final Increased resolution for TclpGetTime on Windows
TIP #313 Project (8.6) Final Inexact Searching in Sorted List
TIP #383 Project (8.7) Draft Injecting Code into Suspended Coroutines
TIP #297 Project (8.7) Draft Integer Type Introspection and Conversion
TIP #248 Project (8.5) Final Integrate Tile into Tk as Ttk
TIP #227 Project (8.5) Final Interface to Get and Set the Return Options of an Interpreter
TIP #226 Project (8.5) Final Interface to Save and Restore Interpreter State
TIP #173 Project (8.5) Final Internationalisation and Refactoring of the 'clock' Command
TIP #425 Project (8.7) Draft Internationalization of Default Panic Callback on Windows
TIP #446 Project (8.6.6) Final Introspect Undo/Redo Stack Depths
TIP #427 Project (8.6.4) Final Introspection of Asynchronous Socket Connection
TIP #162 Project (8.6) Final IPv6 Sockets for Tcl
TIP #345 Project (8.7) Draft Kill the 'identity' Encoding
TIP #156 Project (8.5) Final Language-Neutral Root Locale for Msgcat
TIP #136 Project (8.5) Final Large List Initialisation
TIP #192 Project (9.0) Draft Lazy Lists
TIP #404 Project (8.6) Final Let Message Catalogs get the Locale from their File Name
TIP #382 Project (8.5.11) Final Let tk_getSaveFile ignore file overwrites
TIP #36 Project (8.4) Final Library Access to 'Subst' Functionality
TIP #368 Project (8.7) Withdrawn Listbox Justification Option
TIP #200 Project (8.5) Rejected Listing the Values in an Array
TIP #334 Project (8.6) Withdrawn Make 'lrepeat' Accept Zero as a Count
TIP #76 Project (8.4) Final Make 'regsub' Return a String
TIP #215 Project (8.5) Final Make [incr] Auto-Initialize Undefined Variables
TIP #147 Project (8.5) Final Make Grid's Column/Row Configure Easier
TIP #337 Project (8.6) Final Make TclBackgroundException() Public
TIP #307 Project (8.6) Final Make TclTransferResult() Public
TIP #61 Project (8.5) Deferred Make TK_NO_SECURITY Run-Time Switchable
TIP #5 Project (8.4) Final Make TkClassProcs and TkSetClassProcs Public and Extensible
TIP #259 Project (8.7) Draft Making 'exec' Optionally Binary Safe
TIP #115 Project (9.0) Draft Making Tcl Truly 64-Bit Ready
TIP #191 Informative Draft Managing Tcl Packages and Modules in a Multi-Version Environment
TIP #174 Project (8.5) Final Math Operators as Commands
TIP #354 Project (8.6) Final Minor Production-Driven TclOO Revisions
TIP #34 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Modernize TEA Build System
TIP #360 Project (8.6) Final Modernize X11 Menus
TIP #451 Project (8.7) Draft Modify [update] to Give Full Script Access to Tcl_DoOneEvent
TIP #283 Project (8.7) Draft Modify Ensemble Command Resolution Behaviour
TIP #47 Project (8.4) Final Modifying Tk to Allow Writing X Window managers
TIP #116 Project (8.5) Final More Safety for Large Images
TIP #443 Project (8.6.6) Final More Tag Configuration Options for the Text Widget
TIP #92 Project (8.4) Withdrawn Move Package Load Decisions to Application Developer
TIP #57 Project (8.5) Final Move TclX's [lassign] into the Tcl Core
TIP #467 Process Draft Move TIP Collection to Fossil
TIP #44 Project (8.4) Final Move Tk's Private Commands and Variables into ::tk Namespace
TIP #97 Project (8.6) Final Moving Vertices of Canvas Items
TIP #372 Project (8.6) Draft Multi-argument Yield for Coroutines
TIP #113 Project (8.5) Final Multi-Line Searches in the Text Widget
TIP #341 Project (8.6) Final Multiple 'dict filter' Patterns
TIP #22 Project (8.4a2) Final Multiple Index Arguments to lindex
TIP #141 Project (8.5) Final Multiple Initial-Files in [tk_getOpenFile]
TIP #51 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Native Menubutton on Macintosh
TIP #25 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Native tk_messageBox on Macintosh
TIP #349 Project (8.7) Draft New "-cargo" option for every Tk widget
TIP #284 Project (8.7) Draft New 'invoke' and 'namespace invoke' Commands
TIP #395 Project (8.6) Final New 'string is entier' Command
TIP #152 Project (8.5) Final New -detail Option for tk_messageBox
TIP #129 Project (8.5) Final New Format Codes for the [binary] Command
TIP #109 Project (8.5) Final New Look for Checkbutton and Radiobutton on Unix
TIP #416 Project (8.6) Final New Options for 'load': -global and -lazy
TIP #138 Project (8.5) Final New TCL_HASH_KEY_SYSTEM_HASH option for Tcl hash tables
TIP #254 Project (8.5) Final New Types for Tcl_LinkVar
TIP #333 Project (8.7) Draft New Variable and Namespace Resolving Interface
TIP #353 Project (8.6) Final NR-enabled Expressions for Extensions
TIP #356 Project (8.6) Final NR-enabled Substitutions for Extensions
TIP #185 Project (8.6) Rejected Null Handling
TIP #266 Project (8.5) Rejected Numbers are Commands
TIP #257 Project (8.6) Final Object Orientation for Tcl
TIP #117 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Object Type Introspection
TIP #55 Informative Draft Package Format for Tcl Extensions
TIP #41 Project (8.4a2) Final Paned Window Tk Widget
TIP #394 Project (8.7) Draft Platform-Independent Handling of Contemporary Mice
TIP #244 Project (8.6) Final PNG Photo Image Support for Tk
TIP #316 Project (8.6) Final Portable Access Functions for Stat Buffers
TIP #377 Project (8.6) Withdrawn Portably Determining the Number of Processors in the System
TIP #242 Project (8.5) Final Preselect Filter on tk_get*File Dialogs
TIP #187 Project (8.6) Rejected Procedures as Values
TIP #194 Project (8.5) Final Procedures as Values via '''apply'''
TIP #428 Project (8.7) Draft Produce Error Dictionary from 'fconfigure -error'
TIP #327 Project (8.6) Final Proper Tailcalls
TIP #139 Project (8.5) Final Publish Part of Tcl's Namespace API
TIP #322 Project (8.6) Final Publish the NRE API
TIP #263 Project (9.2) Draft Quantum Tcl
TIP #398 Project (8.6) Final Quickly Exit with Non-Blocking Blocked Channels
TIP #131 Project (8.5) Draft Read My Mind and Do What I Mean
TIP #166 Project (8.7) Draft Reading and Writing the Photo Image Alpha Channel
TIP #17 Project (8.4.0) Final Redo Tcl's filesystem
TIP #75 Project (8.5) Final Refer to Sub-RegExps Inside 'switch -regexp' Bodies
TIP #290 Project (8.7) Draft Registration of Custom Error Handler Scripts
TIP #361 Project (8.7) Draft Releasing Channel Buffers
TIP #470 Project (8.7) Final Reliable Access to OO Definition Context Object
TIP #386 Informative Draft Relocation of Tcl/Tk Source Control Repositories
TIP #151 Project (8.5) Final Remove -e: Command Line Option from tclsh and wish
TIP #120 Project (8.5) Final Restricted DDE Services
TIP #261 Project (8.5) Final Return Imported Commands from [namespace import]
TIP #298 Project (8.5) Final Revise Shared Value Rules for Tcl_GetBignumAndClearObj
TIP #132 Project (8.5) Final Revised Floating-Point Conversions in Tcl
TIP #466 Project (8.7) Draft Revised Implementation of the Text Widget
TIP #289 Project (8.5) Rejected Revision of [lrepeat] Argument Order
TIP #126 Project (9.0) Draft Rich Strings for Representation Persistence
TIP #274 Project (8.5) Final Right-Associativity for the Exponentiation Operator
TIP #435 Project (8.6.5) Rejected Safe Mutex Disposal API
TIP #285 Project (8.6) Final Script Cancellation with [interp cancel] and Tcl_CancelEval
TIP #229 Project (8.5) Final Scripted Control of Name Resolution in Namespaces
TIP #142 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Search Path Variable to Lookup Command Names in Namespaces
TIP #439 Project (8.7) Draft Semantic Versioning
TIP #461 Project (8.7) Draft Separate Numeric and String Comparison Operators
TIP #400 Project (8.6) Final Setting the Compression Dictionary and Other 'zlib' Updates
TIP #362 Project (8.6) Final Simple 32 and 64 bit Registry Support
TIP #193 Project (8.7) Draft Simple Syntax Help System
TIP #199 Project (8.6) Rejected Specification of Alternatives to .wishrc/.tclshrc
TIP #276 Project (8.7) Draft Specify and Unify Variable Linking Commands
TIP #434 Project (8.6) Draft Specify Event Sources for 'vwait'
TIP #137 Project (8.5) Final Specifying Script Encodings for [source] and tclsh
TIP #301 Project (8.6) Withdrawn Split Bidirectional Channels For Half-Close
TIP #374 Project (8.7) Draft Stackless Vwait
TIP #66 Informative Draft Stand-alone and Embedded Tcl/Tk Applications
TIP #56 Project (8.4) Final Standardize Call Interface to Tcl_Eval* Functions
TIP #355 Project (8.7) Draft Stop Fast Recycling of Channel Names on Unix
TIP #272 Project (8.5) Final String and List Reversal Operations
TIP #348 Project (8.6) Final Substituted 'errorstack' / 'traceback'
TIP #134 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Subsystem Per-Thread Data Interfaces
TIP #108 Informative Final Summary of Changes to Generic Tcl/Tk Code to Enable Mac OS X Port
TIP #243 Project (8.7) Draft Supply Find Dialog for the Text Widget
TIP #231 Project (8.5) Final Support for [wm attributes] on X11
TIP #464 Project (8.5) Final Support for Multimedia Keys on Windows
TIP #77 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Support for Nested Paired Item Lists
TIP #432 Project (8.6.3) Final Support for New Windows File Dialogs in Vista and Later
TIP #391 Project (8.7) Withdrawn Support for UDP Sockets in Tcl
TIP #468 Project (8.7) Draft Support Passing TCP listen Backlog Size Option to TCP Socket Creation
TIP #275 Project (8.5) Final Support Unsigned Values in binary Command
TIP #336 Project (8.6) Final Supported Access To interp->errorline
TIP #358 Project (8.7) Draft Suppress Empty List Element Generation from the Split Command
TIP #375 Project (8.6) Draft Symmetric Coroutines and Yieldto
TIP #396 Project (8.6) Final Symmetric Coroutines, Multiple Args, and yieldto
TIP #325 Project (8.7) Draft System Tray Access
TIP #453 Project (8.7) Draft Tcl Based Automation for tcl/pkgs
TIP #218 Project (8.5) Final Tcl Channel Driver Thread State Actions
TIP #219 Project (8.5) Final Tcl Channel Reflection API
TIP #230 Project (8.6) Final Tcl Channel Transformation Reflection API
TIP #196 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Tcl Commands as Values
TIP #0 Process Final Tcl Core Team Basic Rules
TIP #308 Informative Final Tcl Database Connectivity (TDBC)
TIP #350 Informative Draft Tcl Database Connectivity - Corrigenda
TIP #228 Project (8.7) Draft Tcl Filesystem Reflection API
TIP #16 Process Accepted Tcl Functional Areas for Maintainer Assignments
TIP #10 Project (8.4) Final Tcl I/O Enhancement: Thread-Aware Channels
TIP #24 Informative Draft Tcl Maintainer Assignments
TIP #189 Project (8.5) Final Tcl Modules
TIP #459 Project (8.7) Draft Tcl Package Introspection Improvements
TIP #4 Informative Draft Tcl Release and Distribution Philosophy
TIP #352 Informative Draft Tcl Style Guide
TIP #311 Informative Draft Tcl/Tk 8.6 Release Calendar
TIP #247 Informative Draft Tcl/Tk Engineering Manual
TIP #445 Project (8.7) Draft Tcl_ObjType Utility Routines
TIP #380 Project (8.6) Final TclOO Slots for Flexible Declarations
TIP #78 Informative Draft TEA 2.0 Definitions
TIP #212 Project (8.5) Final Temporarily Opening out a Dictionary
TIP #12 Informative Draft The "Batteries Included" Distribution
TIP #294 Project (8.5) Rejected The "entier" Function: It's Spelt "entire"
TIP #407 Informative Draft The String Representation of Tcl Lists: the Gory Details
TIP #364 Project (8.6) Final Threading Support: Configuration and Package
TIP #410 Project (8.7) Draft Three Features of scan Adapted for binary scan/format
TIP #3 Process Accepted TIP Format
TIP #2 Process Draft TIP Guidelines
TIP #1 Informative Active TIP Index
TIP #71 Project (8.5) Withdrawn Tk Bitmap Image Improvements
TIP #11 Project (8.4) Final Tk Menubutton Enhancement: -compound option for menubutton
TIP #437 Project (8.5.18) Final Tk panedwindow options for proxy window
TIP #9 Project (8.4) Withdrawn Tk Standard Library
TIP #23 Process Accepted Tk Toolkit Functional Areas for Maintainer Assignments
TIP #30 Informative Draft Tk Toolkit Maintainer Assignments
TIP #48 Project (8.4) Final Tk Widget Styling Support
TIP #140 Project (8.5) Deferred Tracing Namespace Modifications
TIP #89 Project (8.6) Withdrawn Try/Catch Exception Handling in the Core
TIP #329 Project (8.6) Final Try/Catch/Finally syntax
TIP #409 Project (8.7) Draft UDP in Tcl
TIP #197 Project (8.6) Final Unfocussed Text Widget Cursor Control
TIP #413 Project (8.6) Final Unicode Support for 'string is space' and 'string trim'
TIP #249 Informative Draft Unification of Tcl's Parsing of Numbers
TIP #387 Project (8.6) Withdrawn Unified Yield Command Syntax
TIP #37 Project (8.4) Final Uniform Rows and Columns in Grid
TIP #246 Project (8.7) Draft Unify Pattern Matching
TIP #130 Project (8.5) Final Unique DDE server names.
TIP #448 Project (8.7) Draft Update Tcl_SetNotifier to Reinitialize Event Loop
TIP #417 Project (8.7) Draft Use Explicit Option Names for "file tempfile"
TIP #205 Project (8.5) Final Use pkgconfig Database to Register Xft Support
TIP #122 Project (8.6) Rejected Use tcl_{non,}wordchars Throughout Tcl/Tk
TIP #54 Process Withdrawn Using PURLs to Unite the Tcl Webspace
TIP #270 Project (8.5) Final Utility C Routines for String Formatting
TIP #366 Project (8.7) Draft Variable Sized Indicators for Menubuttons
TIP #363 Project (9.0) Draft Vector Math in the Tcl Core
TIP #204 Project (8.5) Final Virtual Events for Keyboard Traversal
TIP #233 Project (8.5) Final Virtualization of Tcl's Sense of Time
TIP #403 Project (8.6) Final Web Colors for Tk
TIP #13 Process Accepted Web Service for Drafting and Archiving TIPs
TIP #369 Project (8.7) Draft Widget cargo command
TIP #271 Project (8.7) Draft Windows-Style Open and Save File Dialog on Unix
TIP #74 Project (8.4) Final wm stackorder command

White backgrounds indicate that the TIP is still a draft, yellow backgrounds highlight TIPs being voted on, and where a TIP has been rejected, withdrawn or obsoleted its index entry has a dark grey background. Blue backgrounds indicate a TIP has been accepted, but still needs an implementation approved by maintainers. Green backgrounds indicate that the TIP is deferred, waiting for someone to work on it.

Explanations and How To Submit New TIPs

See TIP #2 for a description of the editorial process a TIP has to go through and TIP #3 for a description of their structure and the commands used to write them. You submit a TIP to this archive by emailing it (preferably in source form) to the TIP editor <donal dot fellows at man dot ac dot uk> who will check it for following of the guidelines, style and general relevance to Tcl/Tk before checking it into the CVS archive and notifying the author, the rest of the Tcl Core Team, and the relevant newsgroups.


This document has been placed in the public domain.

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